In a study performed by Building Research Establishment, a British independent research laboratory, a house with Low-H2O elements annually emitted as much as 220 lbs less CO2 than a traditional system. Low-H2O is therefore much less polluting for the environment. If all homes were fitted with Low-H2O the Kyoto standard would immediately much more achievable. (*BRE report available at Jaga upon request). Low-H2O elements save on your energy bills (*source: Building Research Establishment), this also benefits the environment since fossil fuels are saved. All Low-H2O units are made of fully recyclable materials such as copper, aluminium and steel, FSC wood in Jaga’s attempt to have a fully cradle-to-cradle product. The mass of Low-H2O systems is approximately 10% of the mass with traditional panel radiators. This means that 90% of the raw materials are saved. Did you know that for every pound of material, approximately 8 pounds of waist is produced? Therefore Low- mass systems such as Low-H2O help us to save the planet. Every Low-H2O product has a LCA (Life cycle analysis) this indicates the effect of every product on the environment. All Jaga Low-H2O elements have a 30 year guarantee. Sustainability is not only saving energy today but means also creating products that last for a very long time.

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