Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance

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Sustainable, vibrant public housing in downtown Montreal integrates Jaga’s Basic heating systems

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Les Habitations Jeanne-Mance is the first and largest urban renewal project in Quebec. Originally constructed in the late 1950s, the public housing facilities are home to individuals and families representing more than 70 countries. With access to a variety of cultural, social and recreational facilities, the homes are a thriving cultural center structured along five residential blocks. Units consist of five rounds, fourteen multiplex units and 50 townhouses.
When the original heating and cooling systems were installed in the early 60s, engineers for the project used fin-tube radiators, which were the current technology for that period. Over time, the radiators accumulated an extensive amount of dirt that made them inefficient. Further, they were used in conjunction with outdated boilers that only operated at about 80-85 percent efficiency. Ultimately, this meant that while heat still radiated from the units, it took a lot more energy to achieve the desired temperature.

Sustainable Subsidized Living in the Heart of the City

To improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of the buildings along with the living environment within the units, the management organization began a 10-year modernization project with funding provided by federal and city resources. In addition to refurbishing the interior walls, floors and kitchen spaces, administrators wanted to update the heating and cooling systems used in the buildings.
When project engineers installed a high-efficiency condensing boiler that would operate at approximately 95 percent efficiency, they knew they need a low-temperature heating solution in order to maximize the efficiency return. Jaga’s Basic Wall-Mounted heat emitters provided the ideal solution. They equipped smaller apartments with approximately four units each, installing up to 10-12 units in larger townhomes. A total of 2,800 Jaga units will be installed by the completion of the project.
By coupling the Jaga system with thermostatic valves, engineers for the project believe they will experience approximately 10 to 15 percent energy savings over the previous solution. In addition to the savings, the system will also improve comfort for residents because it will achieve the desired temperature at a much quicker rate.
With an extremely modern aesthetic, the Basic units from Jaga are also extremely easy to install. The units come with a pre-assembled casing and thermostatic valves that allow for easy wall connections.
“Jaga’s a great solution that not only helps ensure we’re maximizing energy efficiency, it’s extremely easy to install,” said Steeve Fournier, technical representative at Distech, a Montreal-based manufacturer representative group. “We had two plumbers who averaged an installation rate of 15-20 units per day—that’s a great feature when you’re trying to work around several different contractors.”

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