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Jaga’s Slim Clima Canal Provides Sleek, Efficient Heating and Cooling for Vancouver Luxury Residences

Quickly reacting and discreet units ensure maximum occupant comfort and sustainability

Addition, an affordable luxury residential property under construction in the heart of downtown Vancouver, will be built near the city’s cultural, entertainment and business hubs, and steps from the stunning waterfront and parks. At completion, Addition will consist of 164 homes, including studio, one bedroom and two bedroom units, townhouses and executive suites.

Addition’s focus on the environment is clear, beginning in the courtyard where a living green wall will span 45 feet across and three storeys high. Inside, the homes will include custom designs and sustainable, state-of-the art features, including high-performance kitchen appliances, low-flow toilets, efficient washers and dryers and LED lighting. The units will also benefit from smartforme, a building energy management system that provides in-suite metering technology and occupancy-detecting thermostats. Smartforme will allow residents to track energy consumption and better manage energy use, reducing the carbon footprint of Addition.

Because buildings are responsible for consuming around 40 percent of total energy produced, Addition’s developers, Kenstone Properties, sought a heating and cooling solution that would be energy efficient, quiet and work in sync with smartforme. This would ensure that the heating and cooling system wouldn’t offset the savings achieved by the other energy-efficient elements in each home or disturb residents.

A Subtle but Powerful All-in-one Solution

Addition will install 748 Slim Clima Canals,  a fan powered hydronic (water) heating and cooling system from Jaga Climate Systems. The Slim Clima Canal is extremely quiet compared to alternatives such as heat pumps, split systems and four-pipe fan coils.
With a narrow design measuring only 4.24 inches, this unique product is the result of a collaboration between several innovators driving many of Vancouver’s key development projects. Thus, the Slim Clima Canal is well-suited for the city’s frequently changing climate which includes heavy rain from fall to spring and dry summer months.

Traditional heating and cooling systems require dropped ceilings and extensive ductwork. However, the Slim Clima Canal is placed on the floor, allowing occupants to enjoy increased ceiling height, maximum space within their homes and unobstructed views from their floor-to-ceiling windows. Each radiator provides independent zoning for the room in which it is located. Bedrooms will be equipped with one unit and living areas will also have one unit. While the cover of the unit is robust and durable to withstand heavy pressures, it features removable, brushed aluminum grilles that allow for easy cleaning and a contemporary look.
Housed within this compact solution is an extremely powerful convector that offers almost instantaneous heating and cooling capabilities. Featuring Jaga’s fast-reacting low-H20 heating technology, the units operate on a very low water volume which enables them to heat or cool a room more quickly –and sustainably—as natural light and heat enter through Addition’s large windows. The Slim Clima Canal consumes less than one-tenth the electrical energy to provide climatic comfort all year round compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

The product takes green to the next level when used in sync with smartforme, which optimizes resource consumption so that occupants only pay for what they use. In fact, cooling energy waste is recycled to preheat domestic hot water.

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