Briza 22

8.7" deep high power fan coil!

Up to 31MBH of cooling (45-55F water).

120VAC or 208V EC Motor from EBM Pabst , 12 poles for super balanced operation

Low noise level with up to 27' of horizontal air throw at under 35dBA 

Ideal for non ducted or ducted installations as a space saving solution. Using a horizontal fan coil this shallow can enable multifloor structures to potentially stack another floor within the same height of building.

Can easily handle up to 0.4" of external static pressure for ducted installs.

Briza-22 selection tool here (with static pressure derate).

Nominal airflow rates on the Briza 22:

Briza 22 Type 2 = 285 CFM
Briza 22 Type 3 = 350 CFM
Briza 22 Type 4 = 450 CFM
Briza 22 Type 6 = 648 CFM
Briza 22 Type 8 = 744 CFM

In case of higher air flow rates needed, contact for more data. 



Briza 22
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Briza 22 Air Mixing Box Manual

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