Clima Canal 13 & 19


Like the Clima Canal 10 but MORE POWER!

These floor mounted trench fan coils are proving to be incredibly popular due to their compact size, flexible installation within or on top of a floor and high output.

With the Clima Canal 19, in a 110" long trench, we can achieve 18MBH of cooling with 43F entering chilled water.

Option for 2 or 4 pipe units with the Clima Canal 13 and 19.

Supremely efficient due to the 24VDC tangential fans. The largest Clima Canal 19 draws a max of 54W of 24VDC power. Talk about saving fan energy! That is 0.08W per CFM!

Nominal air flow (CFM of the Clima Canal 19):

Clima Canal 19 L41.3" = 207CFM

Clima Canal 19 L47.2" = 236CFM

Clima Canal 19 L78.7" = 443CFM

Clima Canal 19 L110.2" = 649CFM

Download Clima-canal-19 selection tool here.

The following options are possible with this product:
  • JDPC on/off control
  • Power supply 24VDC / 24VAC
The following grilles are possible with this product:
No CAD available for this product
No specifications available for this product.
Clima Canal 13 Technical Information 2019
Clima Canal 13 Manual 2019
Clima Canal 19 Technical Information 2019
Manual power and low voltage wiring for Jaga 24VDC dynamic products
Clima Canal Install and Maintenance Manual 2019

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