Dynamic Boost Effect - DBE

Maximum efficiency with low water temperature systems

Heat pumps, solar energy systems and condensing boilers require much larger radiators because they operate best with a much lower water temperature.
Heat pumps reach their optimal effi ciency at a water temperature of only 95°f. This is not a problem for DBE convectors.
The unique combination of the copper-aluminum heat exchanger – standard in every Low-H2O unit – and the powerful DBE technology, that has been specially developed for these very low water temperatures, gives up to 3 times more heat output than a conventional radiator with the same dimensions.

Faster heating

Due to their high mass, traditional radiators and underfloor heating consume a lot of energy just to heat up themselves. Only when heated up sufficiently, they begin to emit heat. Jaga Low-H2O fin tube units with DBE, limit this warm-up time to an absolute minimum. The start-up time is much shorter, making heat delivery faster and more efficient. This means that the night-time set back periods can be extended, saving money and energy.

Less overheating

What happens when: we’ve reached the desired room temp and there is sudden solar gain or electrical appliences heat up the room? Traditional radiators will overheat the room, wasting energy. A DBE will react much faster, and automatically balance the heat output when necessary. This means that the comfort temperature is better controlled.

Up to 30% more effecient

Better temperature control and shorter operating periods result in significant energy savings*, making your heating system much more efficient. With DBE, you can easily switch to any new, energy effecient low water temperature systems. Prepare for the future!

* See www.heating-studies.org

Dynamic Boost Effect
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