Micro Canal

The new in-floor Micro Canal radiator provides a small yet powerful heat exchanger that operates with quiet fans to ensure heating is virtually noiseless. Only 2,44" inch high and 5,12" inch wide, the Micro Canal generates a substantial heat output while remaining ultra-responsive to changing temperatures. The advanced trench-heating unit saves energy with its Low-H2O technology and is an ideal solution when space is limited. Easy installation and an advanced height adjustment system allow the product’s grilles to be aligned perfectly with the floor and provide a continuous look. To fit perfectly with any aesthetic, the Micro Canal is available with a stylish contemporary stainless steel grille.

- fans start when supply water is 86°F
- width 5.12”
- length 23.6” - 95” - 37.4” - 64.96” - 78.74”
- sound pressure 22.8 dB(A), (lengte 51.18”)
- minimum build-in height 2.44”, adjustment till 3.15”
- mounting / protection block
- self-regulation: no controls needed
- EC motor 24 VDC
- stainless steel continuous grille
- can be installed as a continuous product, open spaces can be filled with empty ducts

- adjustable feet in the height for construction floor
- empty ducts
- corner piece (optional) for perfect corners

Micro Canal
Micro Canal
Micro Canal
Micro Canal
Micro Canal
Micro Canal
Micro Canal
Micro Canal
The following options are possible with this product:
  • Power supply 24VDC / 24VAC
The following grilles are possible with this product:
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Micro Canal Technical information 2019
Micro Canal Manual 2019

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