Warm power, cutting-edge design

  • -Discreet slim-line design with flat front panel and stylish aluminium grille.
  • -Low H20 Technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exhanger for low energy consumption and     maximum heat emission.
  • -Twin Power for better compensation of downward air flow from glazed facades or ventilation grilles.
  • -DBE model for super-low water temperatures from 28 degrees celsius.
  • -Suitabble for an integrated valve and concealed connection.
  • -Safe surface temperature.
  • -30 year guarantee on heat exchanger.
Jaga Strada
Jaga Strada
Jaga Strada
Strada DBE within casing
Strada Wall mount Stairwell
The following options are possible with this product:
  • DBE
  • DBE Pro
  • Oxygen
  • Towel holder
  • Valve Sets
  • Top valve
The following colors are possible with this product:
No CAD available for this product
No specifications available for this product.

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