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Jaga Offers Fast, Sustainable Heating and Cooling for Telus Towers Garden Offices

Clima Canal Hybrids being installed to help building achieve LEED Platinum

Currently in construction, the Telus Towers Garden Offices in Vancouver’s bustling downtown area has been labeled “the most significant next-generation project in Vancouver’s history” by Telus’ Chief Executive Officer. Expected to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification, the offices will be home to Telus’ new national headquarters and a variety of other businesses. The 22-storey tower will be located just one block from Vancouver’s key downtown section and is part of the comprehensive Telus Tower project which will span one full city block.

With sustainability as a critical design aspect of the Telus Tower Garden Offices, the developers needed a heating and cooling system to meet a high level of energy-efficiency. They also required a solution that could work with the onsite district energy system—meaning it must function at low heating water temperatures and high chilled water temperatures. Lastly, they wanted a solution that was compact in size but could still promote lasting comfort for building occupants in the varying Vancouver climate. 

A Complete Solution

To meet the multiple needs of the Telus Tower Garden Offices, developers will install more than 1900 of Jaga’s Clima Canal Hybrid heating and cooling units throughout the building. The Clima Canals will be integrated seamlessly by installing the units into a raised floor around the perimeter of the offices. The units will work perfectly in conjunction with the onsite district energy system to help reduce overall energy consumption in the offices.

The Clima Canal Hybrid units feature a continuous aluminum grille with six millimeters of open spacing to prevent even the slimmest high heels from getting caught. Since the unit operates at low-water temperatures, it is able to react quickly to temperature changes, enabling office occupants to stay comfortable regardless of internal or external heat loads.

“The heating and cooling system used in this project will truly capitalize on the primary strength of the Clima Canal—energy efficiency,” said Cyrus Kangarloo, Jaga engineer and HVAC system advisor. “The Telus is a great example of how our products work seamlessly with other energy efficient systems”  

Energy Efficiency Meets Comfort

In conjunction with the Telus Towers’ onsite energy system, the Clima Canals will help the building reduce energy demand by an estimated 80 percent. Additionally, since the Clima Canal Hybrid creates a curtain of air between windows and heat generated by the radiator, overall heat loss and condensation are reduced.

Since the Clima Canal Hybrid units are built into the floor, there will be no obstruction of the panoramic views of Vancouver the building offers for occupants. The space saving design of the Clima Canal Hybrid also allows for additional furniture or conference room seating in offices.

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