Linea Plus Freestanding

Warm power, Slim line
The figure of a top model. Linea Plus carries off its cover in style. The Low-H2O element heats quickly while saving energy. The flat front panel looks sleek and discrete. Pipes and vents can be neatly hidden behind the cabinet. Whether you live in an antique or modern interior, Linea Plus will always fit right in.


Warm power, extra strong
Extra strong, extra durable, extra safe. Its extremely solid galvanized metal cabinet has rounded corners for safety and is sturdy enough to take a shove! The Low-H2O technology guarantees powerful heat emission and low contact temperatures. A perfect demonstration of how a safe and powerful radiator can also be elegant.



Warm power, Basic style

Tempo is a pioneer when it comes to energy saving. A classic, but most certainly not old-fashioned. Its horizontally lined front panel continues to be contemporary and universal. Tempo is light, fast, accurate and can be perfectly regulated. Its familiar look makes it a welcome addition to any interior.

Installation instructions

View the installation video of the Tempo here.


Warm power, cutting-edge design

It can’t get any leaner than this. A sleek front in combination with the vertical lines of the sturdy grille: you simply can’t get enough of looking at Strada.

Look behind the cabinet and discover the Low-H2O technology, which makes Strada the most economical radiator.

View the installation video of the Strada here.



  • Construct
  • CaGBC
  • A+ Award
  • Council House 2
  • WTC Memorial
  • Eastgate Office
  • Telefonica