Warm power, noble wood
Surprising, innovative, confronting. Knockonwood is the very first radiator made of wood. The beautifully designed simple yet elegant cabinet has been fi nished with the noblest veneer. Durable wood that curves gracefully along the wall. Knockonwood’s warm power is emitted from its Low-H2O core, which guarantees energy savings and a higher warmth output. Available in 9 different types of wood.


Warm power, extra strong
Extra strong, extra durable, extra safe. Its extremely solid galvanized metal cabinet has rounded corners for safety and is sturdy enough to take a shove! The Low-H2O technology guarantees powerful heat emission and low contact temperatures. A perfect demonstration of how a safe and powerful radiator can also be elegant.



Warm power, Basic style

Tempo is a pioneer when it comes to energy saving. A classic, but most certainly not old-fashioned. Its horizontally lined front panel continues to be contemporary and universal. Tempo is light, fast, accurate and can be perfectly regulated. Its familiar look makes it a welcome addition to any interior.


-The benchmark Jaga Energy Saver always ahead of its time the classic among the wall radiators

-Easy to assemble casing featuring sectional front panel design.

-Compact and practical packaging


Warm power, cutting-edge design

  • -Discreet slim-line design with flat front panel and stylish aluminium grille.
  • -Low H20 Technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exhanger for low energy consumption and     maximum heat emission.
  • -Twin Power for better compensation of downward air flow from glazed facades or ventilation grilles.
  • -DBE model for super-low water temperatures from 28 degrees celsius.
  • -Suitabble for an integrated valve and concealed connection.
  • -Safe surface temperature.
  • -30 year guaran

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