Climate Designers

We are committed to the development of a better indoor and outdoor environment. Every product we design and create is based on our five core values.

Our Unique Path

You’ll find that very few of our products are “ordinary.” Each product is designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, using a minimal amount of raw materials. With the environment at the forefront of our focus, we design systems that work in conjunction with environmentally friendly technology such as heat pumps and solar energy as well as condensing boilers. Our products are built to last—we’re so sure of that fact, we guarantee the core of all our products the heat exchanger for 30 years. At the end of their usable life, they are fully recyclable, so nothing is wasted.

Designers of the Climate

We’re Climate Designers. We are committed to the development of a better indoor and outdoor environment. Every product we design and create is based on our five core values: Respect Nature, Awake the Artist, Dream a Future, Create Emotion and Building Bridges.

When we began designing for the environment, the ultra-light heat exchanger was one of the first products born. Its innovative and responsive design allows it to react quickly when climate adjustments are needed, maximizing comfort and saving energy.

This set the standard for all of our future products, which have evolved into a complete system of innovative heating and cooling solutions. From air conditioning units to baseboard heating and radiators that work off of hydronic heating systems, we offer every solution to your heating and cooling needs.

Core Values

Value01 Respectnature

Respect nature

Sustainable design should no longer be an option—it must become the natural choice. Jaga breaks through conventional thinking by investing in people who are committed to the environment and the development of products that consume less energy and resources.


Value02 Awaketheartist

Awake the artist

Color. Material. Style. With an endless number of options and combinations available, we’ll work with you to develop custom-built solutions that fit the unique spaces you’re creating. 

Value03 Dreamafuture

Dream a future

How do you imagine the future? Do you dare to dream of a life without traditional energy sources? How will we heat and cool our buildings? At Jaga, we design with the future in mind. Our technology and systems give the earth every opportunity for a better tomorrow.

Value04 Createemotion

Create emotion

We don’t want you to just see our products, but fully experience them! This is why we’ve developed the Experience Lab, an enclosed laboratory with two identical houses. This testing facility allows you to measure every possible solution and experience the power of Jaga first-hand.

Value05 Buildingbridges

Building bridges

Only through the collective input of all parties involved—architects, engineers, installers and building occupants—can we achieve greatness. Jaga seeks to build bridges between each stakeholder in an effort to create a suitable design that produces maximum comfort and ease of use with minimal material and energy consumption.

Our people

Bert Kriekels

Bert Kriekels

Executive Director
Chris Heerius

Chris Heerius

Executive Director
Cyrus Kangarloo

Cyrus Kangarloo P. Eng.

North American Operations Manager 604 355 6262
Alex Naja

Alex Naja

Eastern North American Operations Manager 416 841 2524
Keefer Harder

Keefer Harder – GradTech.

Inside Sales Engineer 778 242 2459
Faye Movaffaghi

Faye Movaffaghi

Inside Sales Engineer 416 877 1377
Wendy Stevens

Wendy Stevens

Marketing Manager
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