Introducing Mini Canal Electric

Our new Mini Canal Electric unit is a compact in-floor heating trench designed for electric resistance heat. 

Mini Canal Electric is designed in response to engineers looking for a solution for an all-electric solution or a hydronic system where the piping loop was out of reach, it has a minimum recess depth of just 5-1/8”. “The Mini Canal Electric unit offers a great solution in pretty much any type of floor setup. You can cast it in a slab, a raised floor, within a joist space or on top of the floor,” said Cyrus Kangarloo, P.Eng, Jaga North America. “Ultimately, it gives engineers an additional option for perimeter heating, helping them design comfortable, energy-efficient solutions that are also cost-effective and aesthetic.”

The Mini Canal Electric is hard-wired into the electric system, with 120V, 208V, 240V and 277V options available. Jaga’s popular BNA, BNC contemporary grille covers the unit, featuring rubber sides and aluminum bars, which add to its modern appeal. The covers are designed to roll up for easy cleaning and feature a 10-year parts guarantee.

Perfect Match

“People love the style and durability of our grilles, so by adding this option to our product line, it opens up the opportunities for providing excellent heating in along structural glass walls and other indoor spaces,” added Kangarloo.

Like its hydronic counterpart, the Mini Canal Electric offers internal and external height adjustment for perfect finish to the flooring. In addition, Jaga works with engineers to develop custom solutions for buildings with unique architectural elements or design features.

Mini Canal Electric

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