Heating and Cooling for All-Electric Smart Homes

As more homeowners look to embrace renewable energy sources that limit energy consumption, all-electric smart homes have increased in popularity. 

Fueled by attractive incentives, engagement from utility providers and consumer-led interest to reduce their environmental footprint, more North American home owners are turning to an all-electric smart home solutions, particularly along the Pacific Coast. The Sacramento Municipal Utilities District has implemented an All-Electric Smart Home plan to help its residents take advantage of renewable energy sources and reduce gas consumption.

According to the U.S. Energy Administration, approximately one in four U.S. homes are all-electric currently, but that number is increasing. Designed to work with electric solutions such as heat pumps and solar energy, Jaga’s hydronic solutions provide optimal output at low water temperatures, offering users an extremely responsive heating and cooling for optimal comfort.

“Heating and cooling is typically the largest electrical expense for homeowners in North America,” said Cyrus Kangarloo, Operations Manager for Jaga. “Homeowners are looking for ways to reduce these expenses through energy efficient solutions. Jaga’s products work well with renewable energy sources and smart home solutions, helping them save on energy-related costs.”

What are some of the benefits of an all-electric smart home that uses Jaga?

  • Smart homes offer greater control of your energy consumption and use, reducing costs
  • All-electric smart homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Improved comfort
  • Heating and cooling systems are quieter

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