NEW: AVS® Unit Heater

Designed to heat large spaces quickly and efficiently, the Jaga AVSĀ® Unit Heater saves up to 32 percent of energy compared to similar ceiling-based systems.

Unlike traditional unit heaters that generate heat around ceiling heights, our proprietary Air Venturi System (AVS) generates quick, powerful airflow with even temperature distribution. It does this by reducing the return temperature, which reduces stratification and the amount of cold air build up at the ground level. This means shorter operational times and greater energy savings.

Used in industrial buildings, sports halls, warehouses, garages, commercial centers and conservators, the Unit Heater from Jaga is simple to install and operates on a hydronic system. It drops noise levels by 6 dB(a), enabling better communication. Modulating AVS versions are available, which produces a continuous back and forth movement to create even better temperature distribution. Movement angles can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees. Because of low heat production, the Unit Heater will last much longer than traditional systems.

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