Briza 26

Heating Cooling

Our largest compact fan coil allowing for increased capacity while still maintaining quiet operation. Six row hydrophobically coated cooling coil for max cooling output.

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Heating / cooling
Heating, Cooling
Heating capacity
Up to 105 MBH!
Cooling capacity
Up to 4 tons
Up to 1086 CFM
All specifications
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Icoonset 2019 EC Black
EC Greentech EBM PAPST motor

12 poles for super balanced operation

Icoonset 20194 0 10 Black
0...10 volt

enables modulating control, using the latest home automation and building management systems

Icoonset 2019 36 Highpower Black
Electric heating coil for 2-pipe unit

1kW/1.5kW/2kW/2.5kW heating capacity




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