Freedom Clima

An efficient combination with any energy source. Setting the standard for innovation, Freedom offers peak performance through its hybrid technology in an extremely compact and modern design. The perfect solution for heat pumps and new heating systems that require extremely low water temperatures, Freedom also offers non-condensing and condensing cooling using chilled water.

Heating / cooling
Heating, Cooling
Heating capacity
Up to 16 MBH
Cooling capacity
Up to 3740 BTU/h
7,3" (18,7 cm) or 7,7" (19,8 cm)
24,18" (62 cm) to 78,78" (202 cm)
5,46" (14 cm) or 7,41" (19 cm)
All specifications
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Low-H₂O technology

ultra-fast, compact copper and aluminum heat exchanger

New Energy Ready

works in conjunction with heat pumps and other new energy sources

Up to 9x Faster Heating

the fastest and most adjustable radiator - reacts quickly to your changing lifestyle and weather conditions

Eco Design

30-year guarantee on Low-H₂O Heat Exchanger


Maintains a low surface temperature that stays safe to the touch

Maximum Heat Output

using low water temperatures

Energy-Efficient Cooling

suitable for non-condensing and total cooling with chilled water



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