Council House 2

An administrative building for the City of Melbourne, Council House 2 is designed to reflect the planet’s ecology. The first focus of the design process for CH2 was to gain an understanding of Melbourne’s climate and weather patterns. The building operates like an ecosystem by responding to its environment.

Melbourne is well known for its “four seasons in one day.” In the case of CH2, this variability was viewed as an opportunity to design the building around the concept of cold energy storage. As such, the building operates in two seasonal modes (winter and summer), as well as day mode and night mode. CH2’s many parts work together to heat, cool, power and water the building, creating a harmonious environment. CH2 has been designed to not only conserve energy and water, but the quality of the internal environment of the building has also been designed to improve the wellbeing of its occupants. CH2 demonstrates a new approach to workplace design, creating a model for others to learn from and follow.

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Facts and figures

  • Designed to reflect the planet’s ecology
  • 292 Mini Canals installed
  • With minimal recess depth the perfect solution for multiple levels

Jaga Mini Canal has a minimal recess depth, what makes it the perfect solution for multiple storeys or floating floors. An ideal complement to floor heating systems, but powerful enough to serve as a primary heat source. Mini Canal is delivered ready-to-mount.


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