DC Tower 1

Designed by Dominique Perrault, the DC Tower 1 is Austria’s tallest building, combining sleek, cutting edge architectural design with advanced green functionality. Engineered to include energy-saving systems throughout, it has a Gold LEED certification and is powered using only green electricity. Every aspect of the building has been carefully considered to ensure the lowest energy consumption.

Weighing one-tenth of a traditional steel panel radiator, and containing only 10 percent of the water, the Jaga Mini Freestanding is a highly efficient, super conductive system. Its use of Low-H2O technology means that emissions are reduced by 10-15% and the radiators react three times as fast to fluctuations in temperature.

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Dominique Perrault Architecture
Mini Freestanding

Facts and figures

  • Sleek, cutting edge architectural design combined with advanced green functionality
  • Highly efficient, super conductive system with Jaga convectors
  • Emissions reduced by 10-15%
  • 1,536 Mini Freestanding installed

Completed in 2014, the tower is a distinctive urban landmark for Vienna, innovative in its design and sustainability. The 1,536 Mini Freestanding radiators safeguard from heat loss and complement the ethos of the building, providing an energy efficient and stylish heating solution.


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