Fort McMurray Airport

The expansion of the Fort McMurray Airport includes a new passenger terminal, designed to handle 1.5 million passengers a year. It received the 2013 Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence. 

With the comfort of bustling travelers in mind, developers needed a heating system that could offer consistent temperatures throughout the new mostly glass enclosed terminal. They also required a heating system that could be installed along the entire perimeter of terminal to get rid of potential drafts from the windows. Additionally, the developers wanted a solution that could provide comfortable heating at low water temperatures.

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  • Floor heating against glass to avoid drafts
  • 400 meters of Jaga’s Mini Canal
  • High heating temperatures at low water temperatures
  • Black anodized aluminum grills

To heat the new terminal, developers installed 400 meters of Jaga’s Mini Canal units along the perimeter. Built into the radiant slab of every floor in the terminal, the solution uses the same water loop as the radiant heating slabs. Furthermore, the Mini Canals align the glass facades, reducing any uncomfortable drafts that might come from the windows, saving energy and money in return. 

The recessed Mini Canal units feature black anodized aluminum grills and react quickly to provide temperature corrections in the spring or fall. 


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