ICE District

ICE District is a celebration of Edmonton’s winter city status and the sport that fuels the passion of the city: hockey. ICE District is the largest mixed-use and entertainment development in Canada and arose from the need for a new hockey arena, revitalizing more than 25 acres of downtown Edmonton. 

The development includes 1.3 million square feet of office space, over 1,300 residential units, 4,000 underground parking stalls and 300,000 square feet of retail space. ICE District will be a pedestrian and vehicle-friendly development. Jaga was able to provide a unique and efficient solution for this project without having the architect compromise on their interior. While heating effectively at low water temperatures, a slim perimeter heating solution was designed to enable maximum glazing. In a climate like Edmonton, where in the winter it can reach bone chilling cold, Jaga's Low-H2O convector effectively handled the perimeter load.

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Facts and figures

  • Largest mixed-use and entertainment development in Canada
  • Tailor-made underfloor heating system
  • Slim Clima Canal only 10 cm wide

Jaga Clima Canal, one of our underfloor heating solutions, was completely re-engineered for this project. Due to the compact size of the residential units, we needed to create a tailor-made Clima Canal without taking up too much space. That’s why we engineered the Slim Clima Canal: an underfloor heating system with the same performance as the standard Clima Canal, but only 10 cm wide (instead of the 18 cm for the standard Clima Canal).


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