Zlota 44

With a name that matches its address, the Złota 44 tower is the tallest residential building in the European Union and rests in the center of Poland’s capital city of Warsaw.

Designed by renown architect Daniel Libeskind, the building offers a sleek and contemporary design to the skyline with steep, glazed facades and curved walls.

Heating such a unique design might be challenging in some instances, but Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating system provided a powerful, ultra-responsive yet discreet solution. The system can be housed in floor trenches from just 90mm deep, making it perfect for use across multiple storeys and floating floors.

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Daniel Libeskind
Inso + Mercury Engineering

Facts and figures

  • Tallest residential building in the European Union
  • More than 250,000 square feet or 79,000 square metres
  • Features curved walls along a glass facade

1,830 Mini Canal units were used throughout the impressive building. Support bars of the grilles were painted black so it obscured the unit, allowing it to blend in with the modern interior decor. The design required many specially fitted, mitered corners, which Jaga supplies at standard angles of 90° and 135°, but are also available to 180° by special request.


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