Efficient convectors

Modern hydronic heating systems require powerful solutions that operate at low-water temperatures. But solutions don’t need to be bulky and oversized—our convectors offer fast heat in a compact frame.

Low-H2O Technology

Energy-Efficient Heating

Designed to optimize the output of air-to water heat pumps, solar energy and condensing boilers, our Low-H2O heat exchanger technology enables quick reaction time and can save energy costs. Containing 90 percent less water than traditional steel panel radiators or radiant panels, they allow rooms to reach the desired temperature more quickly thus increasing comfort. While saving energy.

When decoupled from the interior space, Jaga’s convectors generate efficient heat for the entire perimeter. This makes it a great solution for large areas with glazing. They also make a great solution for all-electric homes where heating water is generated from an air to water heat pump. Our products can also work excellently as vestibule force-flow units or as cabinet unit heaters, offering high power yet compact and aesthetic casings.


A Safe Solution for Everyone

Because our convectors always maintain a low-surface temperature, they are safe to touch and ideal for use in schools, daycares and assisted living facilities. The surface temperature will never exceed 109oF (43oC) no matter how hot the water temperature flowing through the system. Also, the convector does not need to be spaced off the wall; it can be placed flush to the finished surface. Our heat exchangers are built to last and come with a 30-year guarantee. At the end of their usable life, they are fully recyclable.

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