Experience Lab Offers an Advanced Testing Environment

To see how Jaga's solutions stand up in various climates and conditions, engineers from across North America spent a few days testing multiple systems in the Experience Lab. 

Jaga Experience Lab

The trip included a visit to Jaga’s Experience Lab, a unique scientific laboratory that gives engineers, architects and other individuals who develop building energy systems, the opportunity to conduct a variety of tests and simulations.

The Experience Lab consists of an almost 21,000 cubic foot (600 cubic meeter) climate chamber and multi-dimensional auditorium. Inside the chamber, two identical test rooms exist to allow for comparison testing. With the ability to simulate extreme weather conditions, engineers can look at potential future climate conditions and test variables to identify optimal heating and cooling solutions.

“This is an incredible facility that has received certification through European universities,” said one visitor. “We know many of the world’s most impressive buildings use Jaga, but the testing we were able to conduct at the Experience Lab has allowed us to see just how Jaga’s solutions will work in the environments we’re creating today.”

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