Karl Lagerfield Headquarters

In 2019, the global headquarters for fashion icon Karl Lagerfield moved from Paris to a historical mansion, "de Zonnewijser,” in Amsterdam. Lagerfield was known for his impeccable style and artful approach, so building, originally built in 1772, was renovated to mirror his aesthetic while limiting the environmental impact of its operations throughout the 2,300 square meter building.

Sustainable design was a key focus for the renovation, along with occupant comfort. Thermal controls were powered by an air-to-water heat pump discreetly placed on the roof. To provide cooling, ventilation and heating throughout the massive building, engineers selected low temperature units from Jaga.

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The Netherlands

Facts and figures

  • Sustainable national monument with energy label A +
  • Low temperature radiators for cooling and heating
  • Renovated in style thanks to Jaga’s built-in solutions

To maintain the historical style, Jaga units were placed in existing window sills or concealed in the floor. Preserving the grandeur of the building, the enormous ballroom is now used for presentations or fashion shows, with powerful heating and cooling provided by the Briza 22 which is concealed in the windowsills.

Shallow Mini Canal Hybrid units are hidden in the floor of a large, glass entryway so that the view through the large glass areas remains unobstructed.

Modernity in an Old Space

Office spaces were designed with a modern, contemporary style. The Briza 12, the thinnest fan coil unit available, matches the aesthetic while offering both cooling and low-temperature heating. The Briza 22 is tucked discretely in the ceiling of the restaurant, located on the top floor of the building.

Through the innovative solutions and modifications made through the renovation, the building recently received an A + energy rating. This is exceptional for a monumental canal house.


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