Briza 22

At just 8.7” deep, the Briza is the ultimate fan coil for quiet, space-saving heating and cooling. Tucked into the wall or ceiling in ducted or non-ducted installation, it operates off an EC Motor so quiet you won’t even know its there! Briza 22 can cover up to 27' of horizontal air throw and remain under 35dBA.

Ideal for non ducted or ducted installations as a space saving solution. Use Briza 22 in the ceiling and its space saving design has the potential to allow another floor within a given building height.

Briza can easily handle up to 0.4" of external static pressure for ducted installations. Need more? Briza 22 with High Performance 208V-60hz single phase motor handles up to 0,7" of external static pressure.

Ventilation with Briza 22 is also possible with addition of the air mixing box.

Heating / cooling
Heating, Cooling, Ventilating
Ceiling, Built-in
Heating capacity
Up to 90 MBH
Cooling capacity
Up to 3 tons
Up to 1200 CFM
8.7" (22 cm)
All specifications
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EC Motor Technology

for less electrical energy consumption

Low noise level

with up to 27' of horizontal air throw at under 35dBA

Compact Design

.. the slimmest fan coil on the market

Versatile Connections

Available in a 2- and 4-pipe system

0…10V control

enables modulating control, using the latest home automation and building management systems

Whisper Quiet

due to the balanced, isolated, EC motor/blower




Need additional details? Find the full product specifications below and click on an item to expand. Additional specifications are available in product downloads.

Dimensions Briza 22 Ceiling

Dimensions Briza 22 Wall

Nominal airflow rates

Type 2 = 285 CFM
Type 3 = 350 CFM
Type 4 = 450 CFM
Type 6 = 648 CFM
Type 8 = 744 CFM

In case of higher air flow rates needed, contact info@jaga-canada.com 

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