Knock on wood


Defining spaces. The very first radiator made of wood, the Knockonwood calls on Jaga’s commitment to innovation and nature. This beautifully designed cabinet is simple but elegant, surprising visitors with its authentic simplicity and power. With Jaga’s Low-H20 system at its core, the outer shell is available in 9 different types of wood.

Knockonwood is available from stock in oak natural (standard color) and zebrano (optional color) in: 
- height 21.6” (55cm)
- length 23.6” – 55” (60 – 140cm)

We offer other dimensions and wood types of Knockonwood per minimum of 10 pieces per color and dimension.

Heating / cooling
Heating capacity
Up to 11 MBH
23.5" (60 cm) to 86.5" (220 cm)
12" (30 cm) to 31.5" (80 cm)
4 1/4" (10,8 cm) to 7 1/64" (17,8 cm)
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Icoonset 2019 10 LOW H2O
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Icoonset 2019 20 DBE Black
Add-on Dynamic Boost Effect

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Extended Specifications

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Average output in BTU/h foot active length with 65°F (18.3°C) entering air and 1 GPM flow rate. Mean water temperature of 160°F (71.1°C).

Note: dimensions in “( )” are shown in centimeters.

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