Clima Canal 13

Heating Cooling

Powerful trench fan coil unit, yet very small. Discreetly hidden in the floors, the Clima (or Quatro) Canal 13 offers a compact design with only 10.63" width and 5.1" height, flexible installation and a high heating and cooling output. Quiet operation, adjustable feet for raised floors, continuous or discrete installation and a variety of aluminum and wooden grills are just a few of the features of this powerful in floor fan coil.

More cooling or heating capacity? Clima Canal 13 is also available in W32 (12.6")! Please contact us at info@jaga-canada.com for additional details or download our Selection Tool.


Heating / cooling
Heating, Cooling
Heating capacity
Up to 20.1 MBH
Cooling capacity
Up to 7.5 MBH
Build-in height
All specifications
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Clima Canal 13


Extended Specifications

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Dimensions - W27

Dimensions - W32

Please contact us at info@jaga-canada.com

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