MC2 Residential Towers

Overlooking downtown Vancouver, the North Shore Mountains and water, MC2’s two towers showcase an innovative design and layout, offering its residents a chance to enjoy parks, shopping and community centres with close access to public transportation and bike paths. 

To heat and cool residences, architects and developers wanted a dynamic solution that worked in small spaces. With units averaging 400-800 square feet, developers required a system that was minimally invasive and enabled residents to maximize the space for living. It would also need to provide controls for individual zones and work in conjunction with an ultra-efficient air-to-water heat pump. Architects separated units into two zones – a living room and bedroom zone. The system uses motion-activated thermostats, creating an energy-efficient living environment with custom climate control based on the residents’ lifestyle and preferences. 

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James K.M. Cheng Architects Inc
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Briza, Micro Canal
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  • Dynamic solution for heating and cooling in small spaces
  • Customized casings to match interior colors and styles
  • Sleek, yet functional heating and cooling solution

To provide a unique solution that enhanced the desired interior aesthetic, Jaga customized a casing for its convectors to match interior colors and styles.  Jaga’s Briza fan coils are built into the wall beneath bedroom windows, providing a sleek, yet functional heating and cooling solution.

Jaga Micro Canals are used vertically in MC2 living spaces. As Jaga’s shallowest heating solution, the Micro Canal is placed along the perimeter as a “kick plate” heater. At only 5.5” high and 2.5” wide, the Micro Canal minimized the amount of space required between floors.


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